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Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Look Troy: I Blogged!


Since it has been a year since the last post, I thought it appropriate to keep the Halloween theme going.

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This is what Troy and I were for Halloween this year. Before you start asking questions, please watch the video below:

There you have it, we were the Twins in Tracksuits Sinister Intruders, not just a coupla creeps. Since Provo is the capital of HipsterNationUSA, and everyone loves to be Wes Anderson characters (I mean his character’s are always so stylized; it’s hard to resist), we thought we would follow Saturday Night Live’s lead and poke a little fun… and, as it turns out, scare the crap out of a lot of people. After all, it is Halloween, right?

The best part is that we are $200 deep in this costume because I accidentally won one of the tracksuits on eBay so I had to get another. Troy only allowed it if I try to sell them back via eBay, so if you know of anyone that wants a pair of totally hip and cool Aididas Firebird Tracksuits to be Sinister Intruders, Chas Tenenbaum’s family, twin Sue Sylvesters, or just true-love matching joggers, lemme know. I’ll hook you up. (However, I may or may not be hoping that nobody bites and we have them forever. So many uses–plus I just look so damn cool in mine.)

Don’t worry, I’m already planning ideas for 2015, so I guess I’ll catch up with ya in another year then. JK. Maybe. Happy Halloweener everybody and hooray for the upcoming holiday season!

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Friday, August 16th, 2013



Our summer deep in the heart of Texas has ended and today we’ll be starting our exciting trek back. You may be thinking I’m being sarcastic by saying ‘exciting’, seeing as how we’ll be in the car for a total of 24 hours, but that it 100% literal excitement. In fact, so much of it that I haven’t been able to sleep for the last week. We’ve had an amazing experience figuring out a new place together, but we’ve sorely missed our bed, family, and friends in that order- just kidding… sort of.

Before we go, I want to express my feelings to Ol’ San Anton. I’ve thought a lot about our interesting relationship and decided the best way to do so was by making a list of a few things we will and will not miss about you. So here you go…


Frontage roads
Sweverything (Sweaty-everything)
Nutty-nuts drivers
Being glued to Google Maps
Texas-sized roaches
Ron’s apartment
A bed that creaks with every move
Jellyfish stings
The worst couch in the world
Not having enough friends to play Bang
TV commercials
Flash floods that cause power outages
Dreaming of Noodles & Co. / Costa Vida
Did I mention the INSANE drivers?!?!


Me-Day err’day
Backyard tennis court/pool
Southern charm
Skiwampus trees
Texas-sized portions
Rolling hills
Whattaburger’s Spicy Ketchup
Humidity hair
12 hours of beauty rest
Olmos Park
Alamo Drafthouse
The Office marathons
Exploring a new city with my best friend and best lover


P.S.- We just added pics on our Travels page under New York and San Antonio so check it out!

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