Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Look Troy: I Blogged!


Since it has been a year since the last post, I thought it appropriate to keep the Halloween theme going.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

This is what Troy and I were for Halloween this year. Before you start asking questions, please watch the video below:

There you have it, we were the Twins in Tracksuits Sinister Intruders, not just a coupla creeps. Since Provo is the capital of HipsterNationUSA, and everyone loves to be Wes Anderson characters (I mean his character’s are always so stylized; it’s hard to resist), we thought we would follow Saturday Night Live’s lead and poke a little fun… and, as it turns out, scare the crap out of a lot of people. After all, it is Halloween, right?

The best part is that we are $200 deep in this costume because I accidentally won one of the tracksuits on eBay so I had to get another. Troy only allowed it if I try to sell them back via eBay, so if you know of anyone that wants a pair of totally hip and cool Aididas Firebird Tracksuits to be Sinister Intruders, Chas Tenenbaum’s family, twin Sue Sylvesters, or just true-love matching joggers, lemme know. I’ll hook you up. (However, I may or may not be hoping that nobody bites and we have them forever. So many uses–plus I just look so damn cool in mine.)

Don’t worry, I’m already planning ideas for 2015, so I guess I’ll catch up with ya in another year then. JK. Maybe. Happy Halloweener everybody and hooray for the upcoming holiday season!

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  1. Christy- mama

    I am a proud mother and mother-in-law at this moment! What talented, clever, industrious, fun Halloween twiners you are! I think you will have masses of requests for those amazing red sweat suits. I think they would make for a great Christmas morning outfit….ho, ho, ho.


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