Thursday, August 29th, 2013


Lindsay and I have no pets at the moment unfortunately (aside from a Tamagotchi that is usually dead), but we have this entire Pets section of our blog dedicated to animal friends. We do eventually have dreams of getting some pets (of both the human and canine variety; the jury is still out on cats), but in the meantime we will just have to get some help from other people’s pets.

This week we profile the pet cat of my sister Amy and niece Kate…

Meet Coco the Cat:

coco the cat

Coco is a furry feline that enjoys lazy weekdays/weekends around the house. While her soft fur coat is a beautiful mix of grey and brown, Coco’s personality is an unmistakable Red, and she will always let you know who is in charge.

The best way to Coco’s heart is to play to this weakness by giving her the cold shoulder. If you try to pick her up, pet her, and be nice to her, she will let you know that she only plays by her own rules by swiftly escaping your grasp. On the other hand, ignore Coco and she will become needy of your praise, jumping into your lap and ramming her head into your hand until you pet her as she undoubtedly deserves (be careful not to ignore this plea too long as she will start using her claws). Play this game long enough and she’ll be bringing dead birds to your doorstep in no time at all. Her favorite person (besides Kate, of course) is probably my dad, who couldn’t hate her more.

Amy has provided an anecdote about Coco and her crazy cat hijinks:

One time, I was taking a relaxing bath. I used a bath bomb and was just ready to relax for the evening and read my book. Coco comes along and becomes interested in the bath water. She jumps up and starts poking around in the water, mostly just sniffing it. She’s really curious (as cats often are), so she starts slinking along the tub to see how far she can get on the side of the bathtub that is very narrow. She tries to jump over there but loses her footing, and all the sudden she is scrambling to stay on the edges. She’s almost got her footing, but then totally falls from the corner right into the tub. And not only into the tub, but she lands on me. She’s not happy about landing on me or in the water so her razor-sharp claws are out. She scrambles on my boobs and scratches them before FLYING/SCAMPERING out of the water as fast as she could. Needless to say, I had a scratched boob and a wet cat. A wet, dumb cat, but I love her.


Oh ho ho, you silly Coco; a wet, dumb cat that left Amy naked, bleeding and completely unsatisfied, but we sure do love you.

Coca the cat and family

Family picture of Coco, Kate, and Amy. This cat is in a hat. That’s a big cat book.

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2 thoughts on “FAMILY PETS: COCO THE CAT

  1. Tara

    Coco used to be the craziest/neediest cat I know, but has come a looooooong way since her childhood. If you ever tried to sleep over at Amy’s house you will know that you won’t be sleeping much because Coco will be on top of your head….all night long. We love that cat.


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