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Thursday, August 1st, 2013


Today is Lindsay’s 24th birthday, so I want to let her know 24 of the reasons that she is the best roommate that I’ve ever had (in no particular order and excluding some of the obvious ones ;)).

24. She can’t beat me at Halo. I have had previous roommates that dominate me at Halo, so I really appreciate that Lindsay always lets me win this one. She does kick my bum at Harbor Master though.
23. She looks good all the time.
22. She likes watching movies with me all day, every day.
21. Being the youngest, I often catch myself being intentionally obnoxious. Lindsay is very patient and never seems to get annoyed with me.
20. She is super funny.
19. She’s a great cook…
18. And loves McDonald’s.
17. She’s a really good listener…
16. And a great talker.
15. She never ever complains.
14. I tend to be clumsy and spill things a lot. She puts up with this and the messes that come with it.
13. She never fights with me, fist or verbal.
12. She laughs at me when I’m funny. (Previous roommates just laughed at me all the time).
11. We never have to bicker about the remote control because she has great taste in all things entertainment. (She never wants to watch Sports Time or something lame like that).
10. She is extremely happy and cheerful to be around.
9. She loves loves loves treats; so do I.
8. She is incredibly thoughtful.
7. She is supportive about everything and always tells me what she thinks.
6. She is super clean.
5. She ate the food that I cooked that one time.
4. It never always gets weird when I spoon her.
3. She eventually wants to get two kinds of pets: baby humans and a baby dog.
2. We have fun.
1. Soulmates.

Happy birthday babs, hopefully you give me one more reason to love being your husband before next year so I can make a list of 25 reasons I love living with you!





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